Our Team

The Owner Manager


My name is Clare Cassidy and I work side by side with your child every day. I have been a part of our local community down the years as a local newsagent and I also have a background in nursing. With the 5 C’s of caring in nursing – commitment, conscience, competence, compassion and confidence equally applicable to the early years’ profession, I feel I have come full circle.

It is incredible how much our children learn in the first few years of their lives and as a mother myself I know how utterly amazing, precious and special this time is. Becoming a parent we learn so much about ourselves, how much love we have within us, how patient we are and above all we each want the absolute best for each of our own children. I know I wanted to send my child to a place that I could trust, a place where he would be happy, motivated, get to engage in a wide variety of play experiences and have opportunities to mix with other children. Above all I wanted my child to be cared for with pure kindness in a place where he would blossom.

And here in our inspiring learning environment at Little Stars that is exactly what we set out to achieve with every child in our care. Our homely nurturing service provides the highest quality childhood care and education for children. We are about children having fun, feeling happy and secure, that they feel they fully belong and get every opportunity to flourish.

What I absolutely love the most about my role in Clare’s Little Stars is that I am a part of such a special time in children’s lives. I get to know, love, cherish and to be a part of helping our youngest citizens grow up with a strong sense of well-being. I get to encourage children to have pride in themselves, their families and communities, to be confident communicators, creative, curious, strong and happy and of course make special memories.

Children deserve to play, they need to play in order to develop and research shows the more that they play the more they develop. In an age, where the actual time children spend playing and social circles continue to decrease, making sure your child has opportunities to learn through meaningful playful contexts could not be more important. So I would say to parents and guardians, together, let’s do what we can to spark children’s learning, development and enjoyment.

– Clare Cassidy BA (Hons)ECCE

The Educator Team


Highly motivated, our team of staff greatly enrich children’s learning opportunities and their skills such as inquiry, expression, experimentation and teamwork. They are expert at capturing learning moments, scaffolding children’s play by joining in the fun as a co-player, asking thoughtful questions, commenting on children’s discoveries, encouraging further exploration or new features to the child’s activity.

The team is clear on the great potential for learning that meaningful play offers – developing skills and abilities, providing opportunities to co-operate, developing friendships, taking turns, solving problems and developing knowledge and understanding of the world. There is nothing our team wants more than to see your child thrive. With excellent staff/child ratios, superb resources our passionate staff plan for and provide activities that support all aspects of children’s growth while also giving children the love, encouragement and support, props, time and space to develop their own play and ideas too.
Keen to provide the highest standards of care and education for children and young people staff are enthusiastic about their own personal development too. We continuously keep our skills, knowledge and working practices up to date. Our qualifications and training is endless and ongoing including:-
And for students involved in Early Childhood Care and Education courses, the media links section on the National Childhood Network (NCN) provides a choice of information https://www.ncn.ie/index.php/media-links
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